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    Joint health should be as important to men and women as work is to support themselves and their families. If you don't have healthy joints chances are great there will be several joint related problems in your future which will limit your chances of maintaining daily activities and leading a healthy lifestyle. Millions of adults worldwide are currently suffering from poorer joint health with arthritis leading the pack as the most common of the chronic diseases. At the present 50% of adults over 60 years of age have some sort of arthritis problem and it could occur within any bodily joints and worsen over a period of time.

    There are ways to improve joint health and not have to suffer months or years from joint diseases and pain. If you're already suffering the effects of unhealthy joints there are numerous joint supplements on the market to provide pain relief if only temporarily. The trick to purchasing beneficial joint supplements is to find out the facts, the facts mean information about the manufacturer, product reviews, ingredients, customer testimonials and anything else necessary for you to choose what will work for you. That is what we provide here, a solution for joint pain sufferers to find out what works and what doesn't.

Seven Steps To Healthy Joints

Where would you be this very moment if you'd had all the time and money in the world to devote to healthier joints through proper care? You probably wouldn't be here reading this, unfortunately most of us are not that privileged and the rest of us have simply forgotten how important it is to properly care for our joints. Not to worry, we have created a superb 7 point strategy to get you back on the playing field and keep you doing all the activities you love! If you want long-term joint health this simple strategy will give you that and a whole lot more!

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Traditional Treatments VS. Supplements

Like many people the question of traditional treatments vs. supplements still lingers. Many want to know which choice offers the most effective and safest solutions. We're here to tell you that both choices could be very much effective but safety does vary depending on the actual selection, ingredients and more. One solution however does hold up better over the other, it could possibly make your decision a whole lot easier.

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Ligavar - Applies modern pharmaceutical standardization techniques and the results have been spectacular. Outstanding product delivers exceptional results. Technology is years ahead of others – and it shows!

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Bone Up - Another great product from the science driven team at Jarrow Formulas. And end pain and improve mobility.

Bone Up Bottle
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Mendamine CMO - A sophisticated formula that is well designed. Proven to help you with a variety of joint issues.

Mendamine Bottle
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I-Flex - Clinically proven to improve mobility and flexibility. Patented ingredients make this one of the top 5 on the market.

I flex
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Trigosamine - From PatentHealth Corp. comes this excellent, well-engineered product. Designed to address a variety of joint needs, this tablet is among the best we have tested.

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Smart Joint Solutions
Seven Steps to a Healthy Prostate

Joint Pill Ratings

Natural supplements are not regularly tested by any government organization for effectiveness. With so much money at stake and very little regulation, some companies are selling worthless products that don't work well or even at all. Our experts have sifted through the research and uncovered which products work and which fall short.

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Lab Glass
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Joint Scams Exposed
There are several common scams that have reared their ugly head in the natural Joint supplement industry. They are:

1. Dishonest Store Owners
2. Fraudulent Mailers
3. Zero Effective Ingredients
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Scams Exposed

10 Essential Ingredients

It's un-questionable that the four leading joint supplements (Ligavar, Bone Up, Mendamine I-Flex) can and have been extremely beneficial to men and women that are suffering from joint problems. However, there are some beneficial and most effective ingredients that every joint supplement product should include and unfortunately many on the market just don't include them or at least not in beneficial amounts. We have listed those ingredients which could aid you in choosing your joint supplements, and we've listed lots of helpful information to help you get the results from any joint supplements that you're seeking.

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Pharmaceutical vs Natural