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Manufacturing companies for large name products on the market like Ligavar 5X, Bone Up and Mendamine continually spend millions per year in advertising their joint pill supplements on TV, newspapers, radio and many major magazines. The large span of publicity creates high demand for these products throughout health food stores where they are largely popular. However, there are some health food store owners that have been known to sell counterfeits of many top joint pill supplements. Yes, it's possible to counterfeit everything in our time from technology to joint supplements.

Pictured here is a health food store located on Clay St. in San Francisco. We caught the storeowner who claimed to sell original health products selling a counterfeit product. We then confronted that store owner who out of shock from being discovered covered her face in shame and ran away refusing to comment on being exposed and deliver answers! Of course, this store isn't the only health food or retail store selling counterfeit products. Many online websites and other stores are selling imitation or counterfeit products. Many people ask how one might tell the difference between counterfeit and real products if they're similar in appearance, the answer lies within the cost of a product. If you come across a product listed well below what it's advertised to be, the odds are great that you've come across a fake.


Men and women from 35 to well over the age of 50 suffering from joint problems are increasingly being bombarded with junk mail offers from companies selling joint pills. The mailers have become increasingly comprehensive and overly convincing (although many are legitimate and offer excellent value). We must inform readers that there are a few companies which should be avoided like a broken banister.

The Common Elements of Joint Supplement Letter Scams are:
1. The company does not have a website.
2. The company has a doctor pictured and you cannot find any information about the doctor on the Internet.
3. There is a cover letter from someone with a very common name claiming to be the president of the company, and there will be a photo of this person looking very dashing. We have found the photos are purchased from stock photo companies and the names are usually fake.

Zero Ingredient Scams

We're wonderfully proud to be the industry pioneers of product testing with state of the art laboratory tests. These tests in an unbiased manner what's really contained within the actual product, and consumers have a great opportunity to find out if what's listed on the product label is in fact what the product really does contain. As a result of these tests we were very shocked to discover that a large number of products, (including many of the national brands) were in fact worthless. Here is a list of the top 3 "zero ingredients" scams we came across for joint supplements. If you've purchased any of these products you've undoubtedly wasted your money, time and possibly put your health at risk.

1. Joint Pain ReWonder Formula by Life Extended Health Labs -
The laboratory analysis for this joint pain supplement is here for all to see, the results were shockingly poor and the company should be hiding out in shame! We've tested three separate batches for accuracy and all three individual results were similar that this joint supplement contained ZERO active ingredients in the major categories. There's nothing good at all about ZERO. Consumers can just walk into almost any major retail or drug store chain and find this professionally packaged, attractive and benefits listed supposed high quality product placed on the market by a San Diego based company boasting that it's undergone many years of research, is "Doctor Developed and trusted since 1995", and containing the highest quality ingredients. The box for ReWonder also stated "Laboratory and Quality Tested" in the biggest of bold letters –customers really never know that's a load of bull until actually purchasing and using. Manufacturers know they can't hide from lab results, the label of this product also stated containing of "powders" and not "extracts" –the results revealed the truth. Many men and women stated they purchased and used this product but thought the failure of it performing was due to their bodily systems but were surprised when they learned it was a crappy product from the beginning never meant to produce a great amount of results.

2. Aremadoire Miracle Joint Relief by Southernebelle Tasminian -
This is another classic example of a joint pill supplement completely worthless which tarnishes the reputation of the entire natural health industry. The supplement is sold entirely through the mail-order process by the same slimy scum that sold Kaline Joint Zoom which was removed from the market back in 1992 due to harmful and hidden ingredients. This company tricks consumer into believing they are legitimate in the joint relief industry by providing pseudo-science, lots of fake possibly paid testimonials and a "pharmaceutical-like" name. It's not worthy product, our lab reports have also exposed this product for what it truly is: a complete rip-off. If you were one of the consumers who spent your money on this garbage you wouldn't have felt any results even after many months of using. If you've never tried this product and receive a letter in the mail offering discounts please ignore and toss right in the trash where it belongs.

3. Nuerkajoint Daja MSM -
This joint supplement comes from a company out of Chicago called Nuerk Way of Life, it's greatly distributed throughout many major chain store pharmacies. The packaging, label and box claim it to be a "patented formula" and in large wording across the labels top are the words "Doctor Formulated." Well, we don't know about doctor formulated or if the docs were in their right minds at the time of this products creation because our laboratory tests reported it contains none of the necessary ingredients for effective joint supplements. That's right no Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid, and absolutely no MSM. We found it funny that out of all the missing ingredients it would be called Nuerkajoint Daja MSM and not contain MSM. We've never seen false advertising like this at all, this is criminal in fact. Our apologies although it's not our own product we do feel sorrow for the consumers who purchased this trash in hopes of joint pain relief. This product definitely couldn't compare to that of Ligavar 5X, Mendamine, or any other joint supplements on the market including lower grades. This product is absolutely comical, and the company probably thought they could hide the truth forever.

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Joint Pill Scams Exposed
There are several common joint pill scams that have reared their ugly head in the natural joint supplement industry. The are:

1. Dishonest Store Owners
2. Fraudulent Mailers
3. Zero Effective Ingredients
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