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Hyaluronic Joint Complex

Rating: NA
Company: D

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Hyaluronic Complex Review:

Hyaluronic Complex created and manufactured by Source Naturals is a joint supplement said to increase elasticity and lubrication of joints that might prevent inflammation and joint pain. The supplement acts as a dual formula with ingredients that aid resilience and lubrication of joints, improves functioning and strength of sensitive joints. It’s suggested the supplement might also offer joint health improvement by taking preventative measures against several arthritis forms. Source Naturals does have an official website which showcases lots of their products in various categories of health. The website is simple to navigate and does not contain lots of information but there is a contact section and several other beneficial sections. All products are shown with full labels and dosage instructions. The company also appears to sell only to retailers not consumers but does offer assistance in locating retailers carrying its brands.

What ingredients does Hyaluronic Joint Complex Contain?

Ingredients in Hyaluronic Complex are a proprietary complex which contains type 2 Collagen, Glucosamine, MSM, BioCell Collagen 2, Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate.

Does Hyaluronic Complex Work?

There is a possibility that Hyaluronic Complex does work. A 2006 clinical trial which was funded through the National Institutes of Health showed both Chondroitin and Glucosamine had abilities to lessen pain caused by moderate and severe Osteoarthritis, a bone degenerating type of disease. Individuals who used both regularly were also able to retain a greater amount of cartilage in comparison to those suffering from OA that didn’t use them, that was according to another study which occurred in 2008. The sulfuric compound MSM was proven to offer joint pain reduction within several clinical trials but researchers have claimed they were preliminary studies while not suggesting them to be either effective or ineffective in relieving joint pain.

Is Hyaluronic Joint Complex Safe?

Glucosamine does have the ability of lowering blood glucose and that could present danger to diabetics, but the overall supplement has only few other side effects. It might also increase or decrease efficacy of a few diabetic drugs. A doctors consultation is recommended for those pregnant and breast-feeding before use especially for diabetics who might consider avoiding this supplement altogether. Recommended dosage is two tablets daily.

Grade D:

Grade D has been given for Hyaluronic Complex which is seemingly a beneficial joint supplement for relieving joint pain occurring through joint-degenerating types of diseases like Osteoarthritis. It’s also good for reduction of cartilage loss that could occur due to the diseases, but possibly harmful for diabetics.

Hyaluronic Joint Complex Bottle


Product: Hyaluronic Joint Complex

Company: Source Naturals

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars


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